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Where are the famous bounties

Marijuanna January 21, 2011 User blog:Marijuanna

Oda seems to be holding back some of the most important strenght indicators of one piece world. Where are Ace's bounty, Whitebeard's bounty, Ivankov's, Rayleigh's, whitebeard's commanders, whitebeard's allies, shank's, Oda can't be waiting for th right time because Ace and WB are dead already. Maybe he just doesn't have it and need to wait until most of the powerfull names have appeared and he can give them having what to compare with, no chance of later regrets(like i think might have happen to crocodile who's bounty was big at the time but now looks ridiculus).

Well if you got any other reason for this hold up, or have a bounty value in mind for what you believe this guys worth, please let me know.

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