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   I'm sure you guys are watching Kinemon closely, he's on the next SH member list, strong guy, unknow DF. But there's something very wrong with him, he came out of the blue, cutted up by Law, no ship no nothing, Now he's acompaning the SH and the guy who cutted him ( with who he hasnt exchanged a word) and just happens to have a kidnaped friend on Dress Rosa, thats way too convenient. Plus his son, monosuke or something, knows Doflamingo, right after he met luffy and told a short story of how he got there, he sudenly freaked out and Doflamingo's face apeared.

    There was no backstory for them yet, but I'm guessing it will be something big, they know much more about whats happening them they seem to. What do you guys think, am I paranoic?