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    Ok, last chapter shutted up anyone that was skeptic about this arc, some serious shit is about to go down, and luffy is(as always) right in the midlle of it. The question I asking is how and focusing on who will be involved on the decent of the shit. Here's our tips.

I) Luffy will help Law take down a yonko

II) The Yonko has built a army of SAD badass beasts while united with Don flamingo

III)When luffy heard Law's plan, he had a very weak emocional reaction 

IV)The marines, although jinbe said were into rough justice now, seem to be holding back and bulking up

V)Smile ate what looked like a bunch of SAD DFs, before blowing up

VI)Pekom was watching the island, and he's a weird fucking animal

VII)A second Supernova alliance was made

VIII)Destroing the SAD was a part of law's plan

IX)Caribou is about to meet Kaido and tell him about Posaidon

 Well, first I though they would take Kaido down cause of luffy's lack of reaction, BB would make him angry, and Big M pumped up, however now everything points at Big Mom, my guess is the SAD beasts need to continue eating SAD to keep their power, so Law just took down a army. However even without SAD Big M is too much for them, so somebody must join in. Can't get off my head that Law might want help from the Revolucionaries since he went to save luffy after hearing about his father, and that statement about the marines. But they wouldn't help against a yonko, so my vote goes to expanding the alliance, maybe jinbe or even X Drake. After that becaming a Yonko and racing for Laftel against the remaining Yonko and Akainu who wants to take the One piece or just prove the legend wrong (OK now I'm in over my head).

  That was kind of a long shot, who do you guy's think will join in the big plot, might have missed something so feel free to make me look stupid, I know dancepowderer enjoys that part( kidding dude, sorry about that)