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  • Marijuanna

    OK, I'm not really stating he is the weakest, just saying his hype is not enough for the common opinion that he is in fact the strongest.

    If we think about it, chances are that Shanks was the newest Yonko before BB, he's fairly young and both Big Mom and Kaido seem to be top tier for a while now. So let's do the hype on each one of them.


    • Strongest creature, I believe it was said that on a one-on-one fight Kaido always wins
    • Huge crew with according to the minks endless ships and over 500 Smileys
    • Ridiculous hype on the 3 Calamities
    • Immortal
    • Rules a country full of Samurai
    • Rio Polenglyph

      Big MOM

    • Highly influencial, seems to have a huge info network, and countless aliances based on her family
    • Owns a Nation full of the most variate races and …
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  • Marijuanna

    Truth behind Kinemon

    February 13, 2013 by Marijuanna

       I'm sure you guys are watching Kinemon closely, he's on the next SH member list, strong guy, unknow DF. But there's something very wrong with him, he came out of the blue, cutted up by Law, no ship no nothing, Now he's acompaning the SH and the guy who cutted him ( with who he hasnt exchanged a word) and just happens to have a kidnaped friend on Dress Rosa, thats way too convenient. Plus his son, monosuke or something, knows Doflamingo, right after he met luffy and told a short story of how he got there, he sudenly freaked out and Doflamingo's face apeared.

        There was no backstory for them yet, but I'm guessing it will be something big, they know much more about whats happening them they …

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  • Marijuanna

        Ok, last chapter shutted up anyone that was skeptic about this arc, some serious shit is about to go down, and luffy is(as always) right in the midlle of it. The question I asking is how and focusing on who will be involved on the decent of the shit. Here's our tips.

    I) Luffy will help Law take down a yonko

    II) The Yonko has built a army of SAD badass beasts while united with Don flamingo

    III)When luffy heard Law's plan, he had a very weak emocional reaction 

    IV)The marines, although jinbe said were into rough justice now, seem to be holding back and bulking up

    V)Smile ate what looked like a bunch of SAD DFs, before blowing up

    VI)Pekom was watching the island, and he's a weird fucking animal

    VII)A second Supernova alliance was made


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  • Marijuanna

    The title was pretty clear so here goes my theory. I have been thinking since the three log poses nami got to navigate in the new world, it's very unlikely that to every island in the new world there are three new ones to go to, that would be just a shitload of islands, so it's possible that depending on the pose you choose to follow your ship might not be moving foward but sideways or even backwords. So taking in consideration that Roger said to whitebeard that there is indeed a secret to get to Laftel, and that Luffy has what it takes to get there, I came to a conclusion to what that secret might be. What if to get to laftel you have to choose the most dangerous island all the way there, that would mean that 95% of the pirates wouldn't b…

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  • Marijuanna

    Oda seems to be holding back some of the most important strenght indicators of one piece world. Where are Ace's bounty, Whitebeard's bounty, Ivankov's, Rayleigh's, whitebeard's commanders, whitebeard's allies, shank's, Oda can't be waiting for th right time because Ace and WB are dead already. Maybe he just doesn't have it and need to wait until most of the powerfull names have appeared and he can give them having what to compare with, no chance of later regrets(like i think might have happen to crocodile who's bounty was big at the time but now looks ridiculus).

    Well if you got any other reason for this hold up, or have a bounty value in mind for what you believe this guys worth, please let me know.

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