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sorry about the title but i had to use that meme but now let's get to the point of this blog

Sabo, Ace and Luffy and their initials respectively SAL wich means in some countries SALT why is this minimally important and has any redudance to the title well not that much important but it is redundant ill give a warning

WARNING: Exit now because this dosent have any redundance to one piece itself if you want.

Ill just talk about things that relate to salt and those 3 at the same time

  1. If you had a similar history teacher that liked to point out insignificant things then you may know that salt was the primary form of paying to roman army soldiers. kinda oposing and paraleling this those three robed people to get payment but still fighted to get their loot.
  2. Other things like salt water because of their dreams of being pirates and all that also as some sort of conection
  3. yet another indirect conection is the sake they shared since alchohool can also be used to preserve foods like salt can be used
  4. random tought about sabo being a zombie (that are purified by salt) instead of being just alive seems higly implausible but we all know oda and that everything is possible coming from him

If you waisted your time post your coments about other parallels you can find about them and sodium clhoride(salt) and of course about random things or jokes since everybody likes a good joke