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Guys MJ is here with some serious news but first watch this:

Some of you may already know about this but how does this afect you in any way you think?

Well it's easy this is basically One Piece's WG in real life now!

If SOPA, PIPA, ACTA pass the internet will be censored and copyrighted stuff can bring you to jail, this means most of the internet will be shut down including THIS WIKIA!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah this wikia will be shut down too!

and not only that if they do pass TV will ahve to pay for news, yeah you heard me right, news companies will ahve to pay to do any sort of mark related news, this may bring major companies down, soap novels will be destroyed too, sports programs, entertainment programs etc... they will have to pay to use anything with a trademark, this means not only the internet but your TV too

Then there's your cellphone too, cellphones company will be forced to monitor your messages too and inform of any sort of copyrighted company talk meaning you can go to jail when talking about your favorite clothes or another thing,

MSN and everything social related can be monitored and track you dowh and bring to jail, this means your freedom of speech will be worst then the dictorships from the past

Those old politics don't understand on how the world's center is not the molten metal sphere anymore it's the internet nowadays, and by censoring the internet they censor everything,

Society won't be able to evolve due to failure of companies, meaning failing of paying scientific researches, and incapabilty of revealing it too the public due to lack of money needed to pay to the news companies

So I ask you to do the most minimal thing to try and prevent this bills cause if they pass mark my words


yeah civil wars will ensue like in egypt but in the hole world now! Unlike the other ones which was country vs country it's gonna be Civil wars left and right trying to overthrow the governement!

If the civil wars do fail then I assure you one thing: Humanity was the main error of whatever sacred entity you follow use this if you wanna make a diference !