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This is a new type of review (thoug is basically the same) i just review random chapter that a program choses for me

Enjoy :3


We start of with Luffy and Marguerite "chit chating" about frills; great start oda i mean it [sarcasm translator:no i dont i cloth talk]; then luffy reminds himself og his nakama and of the 3 that separated them (kuma, kizaru and sentoumaru).

In the next page luffy uses is brain(i know strange right) and decides to walk his way back to shabondy with his hands cause this suposedly will make him stronger; but then marguerite gives him the bad news

  • MARGUERITE: Luffy I have a bad news
  • LUFFY: What is it?
  • MARGUERITE: Were in a calm belt so... your screwed

Luffy then asks if she was lying when she said that she had a pirate crew and she replie dthat yes but the ship is being draged by Psycophat snakes and luffy becomes depressed and he uses his brain again (he didnt learn all the others times) and builds a raft that he intended to use to row is way to Shabondy but the raft you know gets destroyed and marguerite has to save Luffy

Then marguerite snaps cause of Luffys AHOness(or maybe cause of her code of conduct probably... no? yeah of course it isnt that)

Luffy then starts runign liek girl from marguerite

  • MARGUERITE: Take this you macho narrator*throws arrows at both Me and luffy*
  • MJ: *runing away alongside luffy* TEME

OK now ill stop interferign with the story and review it; then marguerite calls backup and luffy is in a biger trouble; skiping to momonga and the MELORINE pirates and momonga is asking for boa, thoug the MELORINES disagree BOA apears with all her... did she just kick a poor litle kiteen T.T that b******

Er Then Boa uses her MELORINE powers to recive a shit ton of cargo but momonga used his badass powers to counter attack, then he uses WG letter kamehameha to hit Boa hard with a menace but Boa uses SUPER MELORINE POSE and then MELORINE SPIRIT BOMB and defeats all of the marines besides momonga

Then Momonga gives boa a time limit of 2 days and Boa looks MELORINE and says:

  • BOA: Do as you want
  • MDM: rly? *perv face*
  • BOA: *uses her DF on MDM* Damn this men
  • MJ: *sweatdrop* when did he enter this review

hope you enjoyed

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