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i know that similar blogs have been done but this one is a little diferent it will be divided in 2 sections the series as a hole and the main character

Only people who are on par with the 3 series should coment but you still can coment if you want

Anyway i want to know.

Which would win in a battle

  • main characters.normal battle(everything allowed)
  • Series: all out war of all charcters in the 3 universes(human, animal and robots allowed)

Which is better

  • main chars:personality/way of acting
  • Series: as a hole whose story is better and all that

you can had fairy tail in the misture if you want :P and even toriko but dont ad DBZ cause we all know who would win the all out war with just one character

BTW dead characters are allowed in the all out war so whitebeard; aizen; great sage; roger, the old shinigami i fogot is name, the 10 tails etc... alowed. Have fun if you manage to survive