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Wow Dorry and Brogy are smarter than they look if they dont have wepons they fight with their fists( its sarcasm if you didnt tell since its the internet ) Srsly I tought that this was the worst of from the decks of the world it wasnt original like the other it was just the regular old routine

  • Amnesia
  • volcano eruption
  • fight

rinse and repeat

Chapter itself

We kick it off with Hody rumbling and asking Ariel(i'll referer shirahoshi as ariel for now its easier to write) how did she knew it was he who killed his mother; Ariel awnsers that Megalo is a spy i mean he was part of the army as a pet and he saw everything 2 things i found strange

  1. Since when does a army have pet?
  2. Arent sharks nearly blind ? :|
| meh but anyway. Then they ask her why didnt she tell anything she goes with an emotional speak of how if she told something they would hate hordy and that would go against her mother's wish and such and jinbe look like that speech impaled him and he compliments on her being so brave, courageous, nice, sexy etc... *cough*PEDO FISH*cough*

And Hody and his bastardness has to destroy this moment as usual and Jinbe tells him to *bleep* of i said *bleep* of, ahem *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*Damn you anoying magical *bleep* bleep -.-' i should get back to the review now

Hody is a bastard and kicks ariel's conscience in the balls saying that she was stupid for not telling anyone the truth and jinbe defends her by saying that it was the right thing to do *cough*PEDO FISH*cough* and (ill use wikia craft to do these fancy letters) Hordy uses ARCHER SHARK and completely "destroys" the royal family and some kids in hope of saving the kingdom they shout for luffy so he would destroy the island and hordy along with it And luffy makes a "GRAND" entrance from megalo's mouth and kicks Hordy in his groint wait do fishmen have *shivers* lets forget that over there ok ;D And the rest of the straw hats do awesome over complicated to explain entrances but nami entrance was so hot ikaros bended subliminal message huh ODA(thanks to torune for this BTW)

And we wrap the chapter with luffy awnsering a civilian question saying: are we Friends or Foes? you decide

with the rest of the SH behind him in poses and jinbe shirahoshi and the star guy are there also

Will the Sh and friends win against the NFP? of course yes how dare you even think about that question shame on you :| you're a bakemono you know that right? to doubt the SH *sighs*

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