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Not much to say except Miss monday is still looking way too muscular damn is not normal for a woman too look like that; mr 9 is hum mr 9 not that important and the little baby thing is adorable i just want to hug it and snugle it and (things only woman should speak) i think im turning into a pedo *bashes head against wall* I'm better now

Chapter itself

We start off with random citizens that we will never see again shouting things about the princes and ... we skip of to Jinbe and Shirahoshi riding Megalo's back and seems to have desenvolved Luffy's chronicle stupidity disease cause they fail to see that a balooon is not a person seriously jinbe your showing a really stupid side -.-' but a really stupid one and i wont mention shirahoshi cause I always suspected she was stupid

In the plaza the NFP managed to cheat their way trought the battle and defeated the princes and they are in the same position of their father, like father like son, anyway the not so important members of NFP are shouting on how they should kill the princes and the king and Hody jones shows signs of hoashoku haki or not (hope no one starts speculating from my sentence) after that not so important scene comes a series of revelations ill list them cause its easier to make fun of them this way

  • Hody reveals that he only trully wanted shirahoshi's power*dranatic music* like we didn't know

After that one Jinbe and Shirahoshi decide to try the internet sensation PLANKING some weeks late or did they actually fall in the plaza nah ill go with planking anyway the princes and the king sudenly became really worried their only last hope was caught (Megalo of course :D)

  • Hody shows his personal army of 70.000 fishmen and 30.000 human slaves
  • Shirley apears and says that the destroyer of FI is Luffy and Hody shots her and reveals that Arlong is the older brother of Shirley
  • Hody proves what everyone suspected: IT WAS HE WHO KILLED OTOHIME and he set up that human

After hearing this shirahoshi said SHE ALREADY KNEW what does this mean she is a psychic? did otohime deliver a message to her before dying? was she the only one who saw the shooter? Why am I so surprised since i had almost complete certainty of this?

Find it in the next chapter, same time, same place, same ... what ODA is sick -.-' ok i'll go cry in a corner now T_T