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MJ here again, late (I think I'm late I dunno, in all honesty I didn't even know I was supposed to make group 6 till a few hours ago, oh well, brilliant planning clearly, best co-organizers ever :D). Now on a small rant while I wait for the clock to hit 14:30. Why is this group filled with the ugliest woman... and Rouge is in it, this is not fair, I just want to declare that all random generators are evil and Rouge should be pardoned from this and made the winner immediately.

Let's be honest now, Rouge is the like the coolest female in all One Piece. Seducing the pirate king, giving birth to Ace (who used to be cool), having the D. (no jokes) on her name. She's pretty cool, and this is not in any way here to influence your votes. Why would you think that? Do I look like I'd do something like that?

Vote Rouge

whistles casually, looking away


  1. Group 3 will be open for no less than 36 hours from the blog creation date, meaning that voting will close on September 27, 2013 at 2:30 (UTC).
  2. All voting will done via comments.
  3. Users will cast 13 votes in total. 12 normal votes and 1 immunity.
  4. All registered users are eligible for voting via comments. The first 5 earliest AWC users posting votes via comments will be counted.
  5. In the event of a result draw, the voting will be extended for no less than 12 hours. If the tie breaker does not end with a result, a random choice will selected by the hosts.


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