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Well im here to dicuss something that i had tought a while ago but never had teh patience to research it or write it down but here it goes

Ok unlike the title says im not saying they are wb level just tried to get your atention XD but dont leave plz TT.TT

anyways Mermaids are said to be the fastest swimers in the sea right... So they must be faster than real lives indo-pacific sail fish that travels around at 30,27 m/s

With that said we must have in mind that humans swim at max about: 2.35 m/s so they dont have dinamics at their side

Also in OP world everything is overpowered and the gigantic sea kings must swim faster than the sail fish...

The mermaids dont have anything at their side:

  • they arent dinamic enough to compare to the sail fish;
  • they arent huge like the sea king

also its important to notice that all the mermaids seen so far werent phazed when swiming at max speed

So mermaids to swim faster than everything else must have insane tail power


what do you think maybe im overestimating them but i think a strong slap from that would kill a human

  MJ  AHEM what do you want?    17:46 20/Oct/2011 (UTC)