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Theres something tha has been bothering me since i saw Hordy consume that energy steroids and destroy the pirate crew with just his mouth and body until the moment i created this blog post.

His strenght in douriki is far more powerfull than Lucci dont get why here's an explanation:

normal marine soldier: 10 douriki

fishmen: 10 times stronger than humans on land an 20 times on water so let's go with 20: 20x10=200

now fishmen douriki on water is 200 but now energy steroids:

1 energy steroid: 200x2=400

2 energy steroid: 400x2=800

3 energy steroid: 800x2=1600

4 energy steroid: 1600x2=3200

5 enegy steroids(asuming he consumed 5 dispite we see 4 falling): 3200x2=6400

so 4000<6400 on water!!! on land it would be 4000>3200

But im saying this on a regular fishmen as the leader of the new fishman pirates he must be more than 10 times stronger than a human.

Im not sure if thats really how energy steroids work but im assuming it is i would apreciate if someone corrected me. Post your opinion and theories of your own if you want.