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Ladies and gentlemen Im here to presnet you all to the anual user gala we start the nominations this month the voting will come next month.

Let's make the best user get a golden straw hat award but what are the categories?

Luffy category: most aho user

Zoro category: most epic user (as in badass avatar)

Sanji category: best perv

Franky category: best person with sig (ad sig in your coment btw ^^)

Robin category: Most inteligent user (dont bother entering unles yur DP)

Brook category: most random user

Nami category: best girl in the wikia

Choper category: heck do anything you wnat XD

Ussop category: worst user here (LPK is automatically in)

now nominate yourselves ^^

  MJ  AHEM what do you want?    20:55 14/Nov/2011 (UTC) is of


since everyone wnats more categorys il ad alternative straw hats for them (as in people who could have been SH or are honorable allies)

Vivi category: Prediction maker (dunno why just felt like it)

Merry category: best past user (jinbe, roa, gal etc...)

Ace category: most smoking hot person here (MDM is obviously not permited to enter after the biscuit acident, so sara, nachy,neo, shiv and biscuit may enter cause they entranced almost every guy ^^)

Kuma category: best positive user (kuma is here cause he helped the SH and with that i wnat the users who make the other users hapier like MDM speech, Jinbe a Ace's presence etc...)

Jinbe category: best old user (as in old in the wikia liek me, Dp, LPK, etc...)

conis category: nicest person (as in etiquete, and shes here cause she helped the straw hats imensly while they were in skypea)

if you wnat anymore reply to MJ's coment