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Ok due to the recent incidents I was probably not gonna do something but the combinated eforts of rici, swim and Bon jovi made me stay

YES I AM THAT WEAK -.-' anyways my aho self is up on max due to my emotinal change machine i just invented so any sad fellings will be turned to humor ^^ yay for my ilogical machines now on to the REVIEW


Well what could i say? i know, look up in the ksy is it a monkey? luffy? no ITS THE SARUMAN TRIO IMPERSONATING THE SH's im serious one of the monkey guy has a strawhat and the same type of shirt so yeah oda really liked the impersonating idea ^^


We start with robin chwan saving the slaves and revealing her felings for jinbe *gets hit by a can* and then gets attacked by hamond and voila ROBIN CAN MAKE MORE CLONES and then like the giant centipede in luffys flashback we have the second SURPRISE BUT SEX of op history

Now on to brook's awesomeness, and zeo's snakeness, they are fighting and brook cuts him and zeo uses his master plan

Also brook is invivncible unless you give his body to a dog, he also can magically make his sword the sword form of every ice user in anime history

Not so importance notice ussop is now a man yeah as we suspected, also daruma is imune to fire aparently, moving on nothing to important in this pages besides why is choper NOT BEIGN SHOWN he only apeared in a small panel I NEED MORE CHOPER ok now to the epic and complicated part -.-' yay for me

Everyoen in fishmen island is beign warned that luffy is a good guy and that noah is falling on the island yet again... the not so epic part is doen now prepare for epicness






yeah you read it right... hody just has pure hatred nothing more nothing less... just pure complete and uterly hate

This oficially makes Hody the most evil villain in OP his face is pure evil

yeah i am scared too... SORY FOR ANY NIGHTMARES GUYS

^^ peace   MJ  AHEM what do you want?    14:42 19/Oct/2011 (UTC)

also quick pool: What do you guys think the other SH's surprises will be i mean robin more than 1 cloning, and brooks ice sword is somethign not shown until now. The others must have soem crazy stuff too ^^