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Okay the title has almost nothing to do with the content of this blog...

Let's start if off anyways: The theme of this blog is: Makino's baby!

Something interesting about this baby, Oda on SBS 63 said that the baby is "probably that person".

Who might this person be is still unknown but a good guess would be the one who's gonna carry the legacy of the D in a third generation to become Pirate King.

You guys are asking yourselves why would that baby be the 3rd Pirate King, and I have no answer to that question, I just find it strange that Oda would for some reason give a Baby to someone close to Luffy and be so mysterious about it.

On other matters let's focus on who might be the father. A fan favorite to being the father is Shanks, this holds a problem and a possible hint to the baby's age

As we all know Shanks was at Marineford and intercepted Kaido from attacking White beard in the span of Luffy's adventure, this must have made it difficult to sail too East Blue and have a baby with Makino, but in the time skip Garp was at Dawn Island and he surely wouldn't allow Shanks to set foot on the island. So the most plausible time I can say they did it is somewhere in between Luffy parting and entering the Grandline

Atleast almost a year must have passed since Luffy and his crew have been sailing before the Time Skip, if that is true then Makino being thin when Garp comes back and gets beaten up by Dadan is plausible.

Now the baby's age is uncertain but he must be in between 1-2 years, max 3

And now that the boring analysis is made I'll leave you guys to a picture a fellow user named Jinbe has which made me laugh a lot when I first saw it.

And since I'm probably gonna loose against panda I shall leave this competition with a bang!

Do it Ilana!