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this is my first theory that i publish so i hope you find it interesting and comment below.

My theory will be about the devil fruit of the marine.

I remarked that their name or nicknames of the vice-admiral or higther always has a meaning with their devil fruit.

I will show you examples.

Sengoku the buddha - a pretty easy one has you all now he has the devil fruit of a daibustu.

the 3 admiral are also easy one and you all know their meaning.

then one you may have not see or remarked.

tsuru - means to hang wich is pretty similar to her ability that wash and hang is enemy.

smoker dont have to explain.

dalmatian - we can easily deduce he has the devil fruit of the dalmatian.

onigumo - means demon spider and is devil fruit is a spider zoan.

so there are the only know power for now and my theory is working with the one we have see so far now we can try to deduce the other one.

momonga - his name share similarities with a japanese flying squirrel so maybe he has a flying squirrel zoan.

yamakaji - means forest fire so he maybe has the forest logia

strawberry- a easy one so we can suppose he has a paramecia of strawberry even if its weard but we all know oda he can make everything look cool.

doberman - is a type of dog so we can suppose he has a doberman zoan

comil - means coffee with milk so we can suppose he has a paramecia of coffee

stainless - we can suppose from stainless steel he has the logia of steel

cancer - means crabs in greek so we can suppose he has the crab zoan

there is still mozambia and bastille that i havent found any meaning but im sure there is one so tell me what you think about this and if you can find information for the two of them i could be even more interesting

excuse spelling/grammar english isnt my first language but i subscribe a long time ago to read all your blog and there comment and i find this wiki and all of you very interesting so i want to post my theory so you can comment them and i will from now on comment too. i am shy and im affraid to do mistake but from now on i will post my comment and try to be friend so i say hello to all of you.