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    marine devil fruits

    March 17, 2012 by Mangamen

    this is my first theory that i publish so i hope you find it interesting and comment below.

    My theory will be about the devil fruit of the marine.

    I remarked that their name or nicknames of the vice-admiral or higther always has a meaning with their devil fruit.

    I will show you examples.

    Sengoku the buddha - a pretty easy one has you all now he has the devil fruit of a daibustu.

    the 3 admiral are also easy one and you all know their meaning.

    then one you may have not see or remarked.

    tsuru - means to hang wich is pretty similar to her ability that wash and hang is enemy.

    smoker dont have to explain.

    dalmatian - we can easily deduce he has the devil fruit of the dalmatian.

    onigumo - means demon spider and is devil fruit is a spider zoan.

    so there are …

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