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This is my first ever blog (whoop-whoop!!!) so i will drone on a bit. If you cant be asked to read skip to the bit that says skip to this bit if you cant be asked to read.

So i was just thinkin the other day (as many of you were) about how freakin amazing one piece is. And probably many others think this, it is the best animanga......... EVER. So then i went on review the serie inside my head (im weird so what) but then i rearlized something, no arc completly stood out for me. I know that one of the great things about one piece but there just had to be a best one. I mean apart from fishman all the other arc were just truly amazing...

But which one is the best?

(skip to this bit if you cant be asked to read) So here what i want you to do, list you best 5 and worse arc and say why. Also if needed list any anime/manga differences.

Heres mine-

1. Marineford (most intence +best fights)

2. Sabody (great new charecters)

3.Thriller bark (completly original)

4. East blue (the start)

5. Punk Hazard (great fights +epic scences)

Worst- Fishman (Crappy, weak people, oda could of done better)

Now let the sh!t storm start! And plz dont offend me, just coz im ginger dosent mean you have to ruin my life!

L8rz MM337