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( I've decided to make my own little character and put him into the One Piece world, His name is Jacobs Redd[ to be read like any other name in One Piece]. He town has recently been ransacked by a group of pirates. This normally would never happen as his town was under the protection of Whitebeard. But now he is surrounded by a crew of pirates)

Pirates: lets kill him!

Redd: *grins* écraser pied de corailns! ( translation: Coral foot crush , a technique that is performed by turning the users foot into coral , jumping into the air and then crashing your heel into your opponent's skull)


Redd: Now, either leave or i kill you all!

  • Redd slowly turns his head, He sees a flintlock pistol pressed to his head*

Pirate Captain: The name is Bluebeard, you are quite the fighter why dont you join me? or i could just blow you brains out.

Redd: you have one shot, before i kick your ass.

Bluebeard: you a funny one aren't you? You must be Jacobs Redd.

Redd: yes

  • Bluebeard slowly faints*

Redd: you have no will do you Bluebeard-san?