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This is a simple Blog for fun i guess, not that serious. Basically like a competition, i ask you for the categories, and i count it up and who ever wins, wins. No comment war please.

Category one: Best Rage stomp ( When one person totally dominates another)

Catergory two: Best rampage (when one person beats a large number of people)

Catergory three:Best combo.

Catergory four: Best tandom attack.

Catergory five: Best fight overall.

Category six: Best chat fight.

I will give an example:

Whitebeard vs Ronse

Kizaru vs Supernovas

Luffy vs Blueno

Ivankov, Jinbe, and Luffy clearing a path in Marineford.

Strawhats vs Little Oars jr.

LPK vs MrGod.

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