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MoM here,

Have a few things to lay down. First two questions

How many peopledo you think should be in the Sh's?

I feel that the SH's simply having 9 men is too little, the only other major crew who is this short numbered is The Black Beard Pirates. A lot of people don't really like the Idea of Jinbe joining for some reason i really like it. I do admit it's sort of a trend to have at least one fishman in a crew. If Luffy becomes Pirate King with only 10 people, i would be a little dissapointed. A lot of People feel like the more crew members the less character development, and it mimics Fairy Tail.

My other Question is Which Yonkou will Luffy encounter first? Will it be Big Mum, Kaido, or Shanks? I feel its gotta be Big Mum because Luffy has invaded her territory/

I Made a Few Predictions that are coming to fruition

Hody would backstab Vander Decken: ( yes)

Luffy would use Gomu Gomu no Arsenal: ( on hold)

Jinbe would join the crew: (on hold)

There would be a Swordfish merfolk. ( on hold)

Tashigi would die: ( Oda please make it happen)

Chopper would control Monster Point: ( yes)

Sanji would be able to set his entire body on fire. (yes)

Caribou will try and kill Luffy, and Jinbe shall save him: ( on hold)

Sorry if anyone was expecting something perverted if you were here ya go:[http:// ]