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Did Ace and Whitebeard really die? My theory is that while everyone was in the heat of battle they sneaked of and got look alikes to trade places with them. Then they would gather up bodies of the dead including Little Oars Jr. They then saved Moria' from death. Then stole a' Marine ship headed back to East Blue, went to logue town found roger's dead body, used Moria kage kage no mi power to embed all the shadows into rogers body to resurrect a ZOMBIE ROGER! He was weaker than his original self but was as strong as Whitebeard. They wrecked a little havoc in some small towns in East blue then the Marines found them. The Marines wanted to hide this as best as they could, so the only thing they tought of was a buster call. They used the buster call on any Island within 3 weeks. The Pirates starved to death except ZOMBIE ROGER, who still rooms East blue looking to regain his thrown ! .P.S this is total fiction and there is no chance that this actually happened