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    September 12, 2012 by Man of Myth is Dayman

    1) VERGO IS A PACIFISTA, it was weird i was reading Neo's blog and it just came to me.

    2) The Real Vergo isn't really there and is working undercover and will return Law's heart.

    3) Monet is in on the plan but will double cross them and steal the secret weapon!

    All my predictions!.

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  • Man of Myth is Dayman

    I sometimes think of the question people ask, what would you do if you were to be in the world of Oda's One Piece.


    From the Age of 5, train with a sniper rifle. At Age 31, become a bounty hunter, and start killing small level pirates, and work your way to the top. Once your at the top, get kairoseki bullets, and train with Busoshoku haki, then you will be able to kill almost anybody. Become rich, open a beach resort. Marry. Have 3 kids, and make my own bounty hunter creed.

    If i lived in Bleach:

    Fall in one of the major plot holes

    If i lived in Toriko:

    Be a Saiseya, live to preserve ingredients, travel the world tasting all kinds of amazing foods. And taste one of Acacia's dishes!

    If i lived in Naruto:

    Steal some secret forbidden jutsu, hid…

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    Fight Club

    March 31, 2012 by Man of Myth is Dayman

    This is a simple Blog for fun i guess, not that serious. Basically like a competition, i ask you for the categories, and i count it up and who ever wins, wins. No comment war please.

    Category one: Best Rage stomp ( When one person totally dominates another)

    Catergory two: Best rampage (when one person beats a large number of people)

    Catergory three:Best combo.

    Catergory four: Best tandom attack.

    Catergory five: Best fight overall.

    Category six: Best chat fight.

    I will give an example:

    Whitebeard vs Ronse

    Kizaru vs Supernovas

    Luffy vs Blueno

    Ivankov, Jinbe, and Luffy clearing a path in Marineford.

    Strawhats vs Little Oars jr.

    LPK vs MrGod.

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    This is a response to LK12 blog a fourth haki, Even thought there is no proof and no mention of a fifth haki there must be one because there are not enough power in One Piece. There must be more, i mean come on theres no way there is not 5 hakis. You know what Aokiji is going to join the crew now, he has to because there are several reason why he should be. Oh and Whitebeard is alive. One Piece is a name to awaken a magical beast that will send us to eldorron where we'll meet pikachu our soul guide.

    Serousily people this isn't a fanon wiki, we should be pulling things out of our asses and acting like there serouis.

    Man of Myth is legend  Man of Myth19:36 28/Aug/2011 (UTC)Talk to Me  

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  • Man of Myth is Dayman

    MoM here,

    Have a few things to lay down. First two questions

    How many peopledo you think should be in the Sh's?

    I feel that the SH's simply having 9 men is too little, the only other major crew who is this short numbered is The Black Beard Pirates. A lot of people don't really like the Idea of Jinbe joining for some reason i really like it. I do admit it's sort of a trend to have at least one fishman in a crew. If Luffy becomes Pirate King with only 10 people, i would be a little dissapointed. A lot of People feel like the more crew members the less character development, and it mimics Fairy Tail.

    My other Question is Which Yonkou will Luffy encounter first? Will it be Big Mum, Kaido, or Shanks? I feel its gotta be Big Mum because Luffy has in…

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