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  • Magnumheart

    As i said, this is just for fun and anticipation, no other purposes. What do you guys think will be the match-up for SHs vs BBs?

    These are based on the current characters so far.

    Giving the anticipation that both crew will be much more stronger

    when they meet again, and probably they will increase the number of their crew in or after 2 years skip.

    So far this is what i think that could be the match-up for both crew.

    • Monkey D. Luffy vs. Marshall D. Teach - a battle for the captains.
    • Roronoa Zoro vs. Shiliew - a battle of swords.
    • Sanji vs. Jesus Durgess or Vasco Shot - a battle of strength, brawl vs. kicks, though Vasco is related to alcohol he may be one drunk fighter.
    • Usopp vs. Van Augur - a battle of marksmanship, sniper vs. sniper.
    • Franky vs. Avalo Pi…

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  • Magnumheart

    I think, if there would be a 4-week break for the manga, anime will continue to air even the manga is out... (or is it taking a break too?)

    see to it that every week (for anime) has a new episode... 4 weeks would get the anime 4 episodes ahead, seeing that WB war saga/Marinford arc wouldn't be just that short, ryt?

    even after the 4 weeks, anime would still be in Marinford arc at that time, manga would continue on the "chapters after timeskip" (2 years in OP time)

    in short, anime fans wouldn't notice (i mean won't have to wait) the 1-month break (for manga) because the story goes on continuously?

    is my conclusion correct? 1-month is not that long, if you enjoy watching the anime weekly, i think :)

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