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  • Madhhatter

    The New Admirals

    November 16, 2012 by Madhhatter

    Okay so with Aokiji leaving the marines after losing to Akainu in a massive battle and Akainu being promoted to Fleet Admiral. I was wondering whether or not Oda will replace the two positions of the admirals (do not say Smoker and Coby.. both far too weak to be considered at this point in time). I was considering the possibility of having Onigumo or Momonga (two vice-admirals) getting promoted. Only reason I chose those two was because in the Marineford Arc Onigumo and Momonga seemed to be highlighted more often and also seemed to have been a lot more stronger compared to the other vice-admirals in the batte for example Onigumo standing on top of a pile of pirates he totally obliterated.

    Tell me your thoughts, it has actually been somethin…

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