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This is the 4th chapter of Shells and will be the last chapter in the Gattle Arc and also the last chapter on this site. After this chapter I'll release the next chapter next week and put all the chapters already made on SOF. Enjoy! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Gattle looks on in shock*

Gattle: That stupid mop is really a Bisento? How come you never told me?

Komota: *smiles* Because one, if I told you you'd know about one of my best secrets and two, you never asked.

Gattle: Your a smartass just like that shell kid, you know that?

Tomas: I heard that!

Gattle: And I don't care damnit! Now shut up, I'm gonna kill you after I kill Komota. Gattling Blast! *Gattle fires a single round from all the barrels of his gattling gun at Komota*

  • Komota quickly jumps out of the way then runs toward Gattle and tries to bring his Bisento down on Gattle's head*
  • Gattle blocks the attack with his Nodachi then pulls back his other hand*

Gattle: Gattling Punch!

Tomas: NO!!!

  • Gattle tries to punch Komota in the chest, but Komota closes his eyes and a small shockwave is emitted from him, stopping Gattle's attack and sending Gattle back a couple feet*

Gattle: What the hell was that?!

Tomas: Whoa, what was that?

Komota: Magic. *smirks*

Gattle: Your attitude is really pissing me off Komota! I think I'm just gonna show you the true meaning of pain!

  • Gattle presses a button on his gattling gun and a single large barrel sticks out from the middle of the gattling gun*

Komota: Hmm, a hidden barrel. Interesting.

Gattle: You won't be saying that after I kill you with it! Gattling Cannon! *Gattle fires a large cannonball from the middle barrel at Komota*

  • Komota slices the cannonball in half and it explodes*

Komota: Is that all you got? *Komota runs at Gattle and swings his Bisento at Gattle, slicing open Gattle's chest*

Gattle: Uhh! *Gattle stumbles back then fires another cannonball at Komota*

  • Komota deflects the cannonball so it hits a wall and explodes*
  • Gattle quickly gets up and tackles Komota to the ground, then stomps down on him and pins him to the ground with his foot*
  • Komota coughs up blood*

Gattle: Even though your a powerful warrior Komota, your still just an old man. I'm tired of this fighting. *Gattle raises his Nodachi over his head and gets ready to bring it down on Komota*

Tomas: Shell Spear! *Tomas creates a large long and spiral shaped shell that covers his whole arm then lunges at Gattle and impales him through the stomach*

  • Time slows down. Komota looks up in awe at Tomas impaling Gattle*

Komota: (He... saved me...)

  • Tomas pulls back his arm and Gattle falls to the ground with a thud*

Tomas: Are you ok?

Komota: I'll be fine, I think. Can you help me up?

  • Tomas smiles and nods then helps up Komota. Komota sheathes his Bisento and coughs a couple times*

Tomas: Do you think he's dead?

Komota: He's still breathing. Gattle is a tough guy, but that looks like it hurt badly.

  • Suddenly a marine ship docks at the pier. Several Marine soldiers led by a large man carrying a large sword runs up to Komota and Tomas*

Marine Officer: What the hell happened here?!

Komota: This guy attacked the town adn killed Command Petty Officer Stick. Then me and my friend took him out. He's still alive though, so I suggest you put some handcuffs on him. And there's some other pirates that we captured too, if you'd like them.

Marine Officer: Alright, I'll have my men gather them all up and we'll take them to the nearest military base.

Tomas: Don't we get a reward or anything?

Marine Officer: You will, don't worry. (Stupid pirates thinking they'd get a reward for defeating another pirate*

  • The Marine Officer orders the other marines to load Gattle and his crew onto the marine ship and they sail off. Tomas and Komota go back to the Gattle Pirate's ship, the Gattler.*

Komtota: So, now what are we gonna do? We turned in the Gattle pirates, beat the hell out of Gattle, and now we have our own ship.

Tomas: Hay, why don't we start a pirate crew? We can be one of the greatest pirate crews that ever existed.

Komota: Because kid, being a pirate is tough. Once you become one, thats it. Your a pirate forever. Even if you stop being a pirate, people wile know you as a pirate. You have to... what are you doing?

  • Tomas is taking down the Gattle Pirate's jolly roger and then paints over it with black paint that was laying on deck.*

Tomas: Huh what'd you say?

Komota: Nevermind Tomas, nevermind. (This boy is something, I have to say.)

  • Tomas paints on a crossbone and a large pink seashell between the crossbones. Tomas then stands up and holds out the flag with the new jolly roger painted on.*

Tomas: What do you think?

Komota: What is it?

Tomas: It's the jolly roger of the Shell Pirates!

Komota: So we're a pirate crew now?

Tomas: Yeah pretty much! *Tomas puts up the new jolly roger on the mast of the ship.*

Komota: Well this seems promising. I'm in.

Tomas: Well let's set sail Komota!

  • Tomas lets loose the sail and raises the anchor then the Shell Pirates set off to the ocean.*
  • Tomas mans the helm while Komota goes below deck to get his bucket of water and starts swabbing the deck*

Several hours of sailing later

Komota: Where are we going anyway?

Tomas: I don't know, I thought you knew.

  • Komota hits his forehead with the palm of his hand*

Komota: Nevermind.

  • Meanwhile back at Guppa Town, Olick and two other men are standing on top of a tall building watching the Shell Pirates sail off. One man that has four arms is wearing traditional Indian clothes and a turban. The other man is wearing a shaolin monk robe and is holding a Bo Staff*

Olick: That's him, the blonde one with the torn up clothes. That's the boy I gave the devil fruit though.

????: I still say you should've given me that Devil fruit. I could've used it.

Olick: Mohit, you have four arms. You don't need a Devil fruit.

????: He has a point, Mohit.

Mohit: Oh, shut it Beau.

Olick: Both of you stop fighting. You two need to save your energy. We have a battle to fight.

Beau: Agreed.

Mohit: Whatever, let's just go.

  • Olick, Mohit, and Beau get down from the roof and walk away.*

Olick: (I wonder where that boy will end up now.)

THE END (Of the Gattle Arc)

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