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Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of my fan fiction that I've decided to name Shells. If you guys think you have a better name please say so :). And yes, I'll put this on SOF after the first story arc if you don't already know. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • The Gattle pirates gather around Gattle and Tomas, chanting Gattle's name and taunting Tomas*

Gattle: You don't seem to fear death, boy. I think you should.

Tomas: There's no point in fearing something that can't attack me. *smirks*

Gattle: Smartass. Gattling Barrage! *Gattle starts firing at Tomas with his Gattling gun hand*

  • Tomas starts to climb up the mast of the ship, some of Gattle's bullets barely missing him*

Tomas: Your not a good shot, are you? Shell Arrow! *Tomas throws a long, spiral shaped sea shell at Gattle's head*

  • Gattle blocks the shell with his Nodachi*

Gattle: Coward! Come down here and fight like a man!

Tomas: *in a feminine voice* I'm sorry, I didn't hear you!

Gattle: Stop being a smartass you little bastard! Crew, get him down from there!

  • Gattle's crew starts firing at Tomas with flintlock pistols and throwing things at him*

Tomas: Hay! This is a one-on-one fight! Put your stupid toys away or I'll break them!

Gattle: Wait! Lower the sail! You idiots are making holes in it!

  • Tomas gets an idea then takes a razor sharp shell off of his arm and slides down the sail, tearing the sail in the process. Tomas then lands in front of Gattle with a smirk.*

Gattle: You son of a bitch! *Gattle's face becomes extremely angry* I'm gonna cut you apart! *Gattle starts swinging his Nodachi wildly*

  • Tomas swiftly dodges each swing then punches Gattle in the chest and makes a shell-shaped bruise on his chest*
  • Gattle slides back while holdin his chest then points at Tomas with his gattling gun hand*

Gattle: Kill him!

Pirates: Yes captain!

  • All of the Gattle Pirates pull out their weapons and surround Tomas*

Tomas: *looks around* I really didn't wanna do this, especially on such a good morning, but you guys left me no choice. Shell Storm! *Tomas starts spinning in a circle quickly and starts throwing sea shells in all directions*

  • The Gattle Pirates try to block the attack, but they are all either knocked unconscious or knocked off the ship.*
  • Gattle raises his Nodachi and spins it with one hand to deflect the attack.*
  • Tomas stops spinning then looks around at the crew as they all lay unconscious on the ship.*

Tomas: (Wow, I was actually able to make the shells blunt so they wouldn't kill anybody.That should teach all these guys a lesson.)

  • Gattle looks around at his crew, thinking they are all dead, then snaps.*


Tomas: They're still alive! They're just unconscious!

  • Gattle ignores Tomas and rushes at him*

Gattle: GATTLING PUNCH! *Gattle punches Tomas with his gattling gun hand while firing it*

  • Tomas gets sent into the mast and makes a small indent and falls over*
  • Gattle stands in front of Tomas triumphantly while smiling evilly*

Gattle: That'll teach you not to... What?!

  • Tomas stands up. A large sea shell riddled with bullets is shown covering his chest*

Tomas: Wow, that hurt more than I thought.

Gattle: Will you just die already?!

Tomas: Nah. Shell Dart! *Tomas throws a razor sharp sea shell at Gattle and it goes through his chest and out the other side*

Gattle: Uhh! *Gattle goes wide-eyed then slowly collapses to the ground*

Tomas: You're not that tough with a mortal wound now are you?

  • Tomas looks around again to make sure everyone was unconscious. He also sees an island in the distance.*

Tomas: I guess everyone's down for the count. *Looks towards the door leading under the deck of the ship* I wonder what's below deck.

  • Tomas walks down below deck and looks at the supplies. Among the supplies, Tomas sees an slightly muscular man with a grayish beard mopping the deck. The man turns to him with astonishment.*

????: Who are you?!

Tomas: I'm Tomas. Tomas H. Ells. I just came down to see what's down here.

????: And what happened to Gattle and the rest of them? *The man stop mopping*

Tomas: I beat them up. Who are you?

????: I'm Komota Arnold. I'm the deck hand for these guys, but I'd have to say not anymore since you beat them all up.

Tomas: So you don't care that I just beat up all your friends?

Komota: *scoffs* Friends? Those guys treated me like crap everyday for the past 3 years. Even on my birthday! I'm happy somebody showed them some pain.

Tomas: Well I saw an island really close to here that we can go to. Hell, I bet we can turn in all these pirates for a reward. We'll split it 50/50.

Komota: Eh, what the hell. Let's set sail. Besides, I don't think I've been to any islands in these parts.

Tomas: Alright! *Tomas and Komota go up deck* Oh, and I made a big tear in the sail. you think we can fix it?

Komota: I'm a good sail mender, so yeah, I'll try to fix it. You just get all the pirates in a row. I'm pretty sure theres a marine outpost on that island.

Tomas: Wait, how do you know that if you've never been to the island?

Komota: *laughs* I just do kid, I just do. *Damn, that was a close one.*

  • Meanwhile, Gattle is dead on the ground, not moving at all. Until one of Gattle's eyes suddenly open!*


What do you guys think?

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