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  • Lvdoomien

    A thought

    November 13, 2012 by Lvdoomien

    "Congratulations Smoker! For exposing the criminal activity at Punk Hazard, you're now an Admiral!"


    Could this happen? Smoker does fit the criteria of Admiral, and this wouldn't be the first time he did something important and ranked up. Regards, Lvdoomien.

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  • Lvdoomien

    Moving Day

    May 27, 2011 by Lvdoomien

    Alright folks, Lvdoomien here saying that Shells has officially moved to SOF. Yes, I'll still be on the OP wikia (for my friends, all the cool stuff, and some inspiration here and there) but further production of Shells will be released on SOF. The next chapter will be released next Thursday (6-2-11), along with every other chapter after that. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, please say so on this blog please. If I like your suggestion enough, I'ma use it in another chapter whenever I can.

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  • Lvdoomien

    Chapter 4

    May 26, 2011 by Lvdoomien

    This is the 4th chapter of Shells and will be the last chapter in the Gattle Arc and also the last chapter on this site. After this chapter I'll release the next chapter next week and put all the chapters already made on SOF. Enjoy! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    • Gattle looks on in shock*

    Gattle: That stupid mop is really a Bisento? How come you never told me?

    Komota: *smiles* Because one, if I told you you'd know about one of my best secrets and two, you never asked.

    Gattle: Your a smartass just like that shell kid, you know that?

    Tomas: I heard that!

    Gattle: And I don't care damnit! Now shut up, I'm gonna kill you after I kill Komota. Gattling Blast! *Gattle fires a si…

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  • Lvdoomien

    Chapter 3

    May 25, 2011 by Lvdoomien

    This is the 3rd chapter of Shells. After this they'll be a couple more chapters then I'm moving Shells to SOF and a new chapter will start cmoing out at least once a week. Thank you for your time and enjoy! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    • Komota and Tomas tie up all the unconscious pirates as they dock at the inhabitied island. Komota is standing over Gattle's body*

    Komota: (To think, a simple boy actually defeated you. I thought you were stronger Gattle.) *Komota drifts into thought while Tomas tries to get his attention*

    Tomas: Hay Komota, you there? We're at the island!

    Komota: Huh what? Oh, sorry, I spaced out. *Walks over to Tomas*

    Tomas: No worries Komota. Let's go see…

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  • Lvdoomien

    Chapter 2

    May 24, 2011 by Lvdoomien

    This is the second chapter of my fan fiction that I've decided to name Shells. If you guys think you have a better name please say so :). And yes, I'll put this on SOF after the first story arc if you don't already know. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

    • The Gattle pirates gather around Gattle and Tomas, chanting Gattle's name and taunting Tomas*

    Gattle: You don't seem to fear death, boy. I think you should.

    Tomas: There's no point in fearing something that can't attack me. *smirks*

    Gattle: Smartass. Gattling Barrage! *Gattle starts firing at Tomas with his Gattling gun hand*

    • Tomas starts to climb up the mast of the ship, some of Gattle's bullets barely missing him*

    Tomas: Your not a goo…

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