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Warning: Only anime watching fans please stay out of it. This contains spoilers. 

Last two chapters of One Piece for sure would have made any fan of One Piece excited. It is just one thing after another. I am writing this blog to share my thoughts on how the shit is goanna go down in One Piece from now on i.e. after the reintroduction of Sabo.

In this arc till now whoever we came across was a big named guy be it a pirate/marine/revolutionary, of course they were obviously since it is the New world, the place where anything can happen. In the first place it was the entry of the navy admiral himself Fujitora (Isshou). In the recent chapter the entry of the most anticipated character at least for me Sabo. Even Big mom got involved into the story.

The reintroduction of Sabo signals the movement of revolutionaries in the world of one piece. It was already hinted by Akoji that if the marines don't act fast in the matter of Doflamingo that would lead to setting up the worst possible scenario Akainu’s Navy faces after the war. According to me the story is now moving towards a war between various groups Pirates, Marines, Revolutionaries. This could be a best way of introducing the big names in revolutionaries just like the way he introduced whitebeard pirates in the war two years ago.

In the recent chapter Sabo mentioned that he will inherit the will of Ace and he is goanna win the mera-mera no mi. But with the mystery being reveled that Sabo is alive another mystery was created i.e. why didn't he come to the war to save Ace. Sabo and Ace were almost comparable in terms of physical strength during their childhood, Question is how strong he is now? 

The success of this arc depends on the success of the how well the operation SOP goes. If Usoop can get Sugar fast, then dress Rosa is goanna turn out into chaos and more importantly characters like: Donchingjao will remember what do flamingo did to them and all the pirates will fight alongside to get the fuck out of the dress Rosa from the marines and revolutionaries I believe are there to deal with do flamingo, I guess so it’s goanna be Marines & Don Quixote family VS Pirates & Revolutionaries. In the end of this arc we might get the new bounties of the straw hats and the best part Luffy now will get allies. 

These are my thoughts on the recent developments and few predictions for the coming chapters. Share your thoughts in the comments.