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    Warning: Only anime watching fans please stay out of it. This contains spoilers. 

    Last two chapters of One Piece for sure would have made any fan of One Piece excited. It is just one thing after another. I am writing this blog to share my thoughts on how the shit is goanna go down in One Piece from now on i.e. after the reintroduction of Sabo.

    In this arc till now whoever we came across was a big named guy be it a pirate/marine/revolutionary, of course they were obviously since it is the New world, the place where anything can happen. In the first place it was the entry of the navy admiral himself Fujitora (Isshou). In the recent chapter the entry of the most anticipated character at least for me Sabo. Even Big mom got involved into the stor…

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  • Luffy zoro sanji luffy

    Hi Guys ,

    Today I am here to discuss how the current arc PUNK HAZARD is or will end , and I would like to here ur thoughts and opinions on this .

    Till now the arc had many twists and turns . Losses and epic wins in battles however we are not yet able to conform our selves who the main villan is i.e is it CEASER CLOWN or The two guys sent by MR DON QUIXOTE DOFLAMINGO .

    So far we have seen almost every thing from the Foolish Underlyings of Ceaser to the marines , Kids, candy, parts of fight b/w Vergo & Law vs Vergo , Epic clash Tashigi & Zoro vs Monet, to top all these events we have seen Alliance b/w KID , Hawkins, & Appo . Not to forget we have seen a glimpse of DOFLAMINGO CREW .

    Last chapter ended with Luffy's arrival from the dust along …

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