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OK..So there are 3 more Straw Hats to be found..!!Where are they?Here is my guess..

Zoro=He is lost again and he is in a bar drinking, and caribou walks in...Zoro doesnt know him, he wasnt when Caribou land on their ship...Caribou sits near him and they talking and talking..After a lot of drinks Caribou tell him about capturing Luffy..Then Zoro says 'He is my captain' and he kick his ass of course...

Robin=We will see her in the Main living room of Neptune Kingdom when the Straw Hats will go there..

Franky=He will be in a children's playground where kids playing around him and clicking buttons and stuff.They are amazed and Franky will give them a supa show..

Ok this is my guess.Dont be harsh..What are you guys think..?Where are they..