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When The Sun Goes Down

Today im gonna bring Gol D. Roger on the table.. We all know he was the Pirate that ruled the Grand Line and earned the title 'Pirate King' .. When he was out to the sea, he got Rouge pregnant and she later popped out Ace... When Roger had this illness that couldnt be cured, he surrendered to the marines and they decided to excecute him.

Roger died but his will is still alive........

Now, his crew is disbanded and all of them found something to do...

Crocus, Shanks, Buggy, Rayleigh..

To the point:

Tom helped him by building the ship he sailed till he died.. With Roger dead, they arrested Tom for building the ship... Now thats Bullshit if you ask me.. They arrested him cause he builted a ship.. Doesnt matter if its the Pirate KIng's ship.. Why the shipwright had to feel guilty about it.? They cant blame the shipwright for the pirate's 'career'.

And Roger's surrendered, they didnt catch him, meaning he did them a some kind of a favor.. Tom felt proud to say that he did it just to teach a lesson to Franky. Still, not a crime.. Then shitty Spandam got there wanting Pluton's blueprints, yada yada yada .. AND they captured Tom and now Tom is dead.. Cause of that. Building a ship.. So they are gonna capture Iceburg if Luffy dies in the end? Bullshit...

Next on the list is ACE....

Poor Ace.. He was an infant when Roger died, so he had no dealings with him. And because he is his son, he had to die.. They had to capture Ace so bad, and then excecute him.. They planned aaaall this huge war, they knew that Whitebeard was going to travel to Marineford and create a chaos, as he did. And they still wanted to start this excecution just to kill Roger's son. Roger was dead and Ace has nothing to do with it, also he didnt even keep his name.. He made it into Portgas.. So he didnt 'insult' the Marines by being a pirate under Roger's name.. He avoided that.. The war was awesome i know, but it didnt have to happen... Also Rayleigh did more than Ace and he is still alive.. Kizaru saw him on Sabaody and he still is free.

Oh and Akainu was like: 'You're Roger's son... You have to die... And Luffy, you're Dragon's son... You have to die.... By my hands'

My point is that the government of One Piece is shitty, they made it into a huge deal... Where in the first place was nothing...

Your thoughts.. LPKWhat?20:54,1/14/2012

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