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Hey.. I dont know if someone else made this blog in the past but lets see..

  • It cannot be the Will of D. cause Whitebeard said to Teach that Roger doesnt wait a person like him.. 'A person like Teach'.. What does Teach and his likes have, that Roger doesnt want?
  • Rayleigh, Whitebeard and the Roger Pirates knew what it is all along but they didnt make any fuss about it. Just simply 'Go find it, its there'.!!
  • I think its something out of ordinary. An another dimension. Maybe something like the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Who was the 'Pirate King' before Roger? It must leads to a generation of pirates that held that throne.
  • Does the straw hat play any role?
  • I dont think that the Poneglyphs and Void Century have something to do with this.
  • Is it just Roger's treasure?
  • Is it in Raftel like everyone is sayin or do you think is somewhere else? Like Loguetown?

So people. Tell me. What do you think this ONE PIECE is???

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