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Today im gonna talk about wasted opportunities...

Three really really powerfull characters that are being wasted:

  • Enel is really far away.
  • Magellan inside the prison.
  • And Wiper doin nothing in Skypiea.

Enel and Wiper would go really far in the Grand Line if they were pirates. Really.

Enel of course could easily become a Yonko if you ask me. His Devil Fruit its just a beast. Only Luffy and amazing haki can defeat this guy. Early Grand Line would be a piece of cake for him. Dont know about New World, but still. He would have more chances than the Supernovas. His personality and the way he sees things is awfull but nevermind. Just imagine him in the sea. Do you want to see him down there or do you think we will really get to see him??

Wiper was a beast, nothin more to say. He actually survived multiple attacks and even tried to kill Enel. I want really to see him in the Grand Line, but thats not gonna happen..

Now, my favorite villain, Magellan. He is a deadly beast. If he was out the shitty prison he would cause some really hard damage to the pirates. Imagine him as an Admiral. He could easily be at that level with that Devil Fruit.. But if he doesnt have haki, he just cant. And he works for the Government only.


LPK: Yeahhhh!!

To my point:

Yeah, it would be cool to see them in Grand Line along with the other characters.. Imagine Magellan and Enel.. Oh god..

Also one side note, predict Kuro's, Krieg's and Moriah's return. When are we gonna see them?


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