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Tuckyd owns this idea and everyhting else :P

Tuckyd: So this is tuckyd speaking through the AVATAR of LPK

LPK: Hey how did you get in me

Tuckyd: hmm good question

Panda: ahhh LPK and Tucky combined

Tuckyd: It's more like I took over LPK mwahahaha

LPK: darn you body stealer----

I propose THE GREAT EDITOR EVENT where we will be judged by COLD HARD FACTS. No polls and Probably some Trolls! Thats why this plan is DP-PROOF! So if you copy this to your profile without the asterisks and your username there

Copy this code and add open/close it with {{ }}


You can participate! I will put together Top Five Lists for each of the categories in your userstats Including:

  • Best Blogger (combination of # of blogs and comments)
  • Best Codie (Combination of Template, Project and Sig Complication)
  • Most article edits
  • Most Talkative(User Talk)

Have fun and remember to tell me if you are IN!