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Hey guys, so I was thinking about the 5 old men that they are on the top of the marine pyramid.. Okay this is a boring blog, I know :P ..

There are tons of speculations about them, like they all have Mythical Zoans devil fruits for example (that was me XD).. Or that Jewerly Bonney is the one that will make them young again with her devil fruit powers now that Akainu found her..

They had to be fighters years ago, because first of all, all of them have scars.. They have to be strong as they are on the top, higher than Sengoku who was a great hero back then.. And they were higher than KONG..!!

  • The swordsman caught my attention first.. Yes the Gandhi one.. His way of holding his sword reminds me of Law. Right??. I dont know if I'm the only one to think that.. Is he stronger than Mihawk??
  • The youngest one, the blonde, he is like Sengoku's age so he must be much stronger than him to be in that position..
  • The monopoly guy, the rabbi and the Gandalf are kinda boring to look at so I would not say anything aboout them!!

Tell me what you think about them.. Who caught your attention?? Do you think that we will see them fight?? What powers are they hiding?? Also you can predict a good power for them...

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