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Hello fellow One Piece fans.. The manga is going great.. We all cant wait for the next chapter.. Today's chapter was great.. If it was like an episode, and in the end, it had that usual 'To be Continued' (that makes me angry when a great episode ended), I would punch the shit out of my laptop. Cant wait for the next chapter..

So, in the latest chapter(652) we saw Caribou saying: If I bring back the secret of the Mermaid Princess and that mountain of treasures, then maybe i'll gain bonus points with You-Know-Who......

So lets see.. Tell me who do you think that person is..

  • Tenryubitos?
  • Doflamingo?
  • Kid?
  • Coribou and his crew?
  • Someone new?
  • Sabo?
  • Voldemort?


Always add a random poll so lets see...

Choose your favorite:

The poll was created at 21:06 on January 11, 2012, and so far 18 people voted.

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