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Take it or Leave it

Hey guys.. Thought im gonna write a prediction cause im really bored. I dont mind if no one is gonna read it.. Im just makin it for the old me.. When I used to make predictions.. Ohh.... So, here it goes...

Chapter 652: Take it or Leave it

Cover: Foxy opened a hair-dressing salon.

Page 1: Ryugu Palace

  • Shirahoshi: IM WHAT??
  • Robin: Poseidon, an ancient weapon.
  • Shirahoshi: What do.... you mean..?
  • Robin: I promised your father I wouldn't tell you, but, im a pirate, you cant trust me. Fufufu..
  • Shirahoshi: I still dont understand..
  • Robin: Come with me, i will explain everything..

Page 2: Ryugu Palace

  • Usopp: Oiiii Choppa, let go of Jinbe.. He has to goo..
  • Chopper:(holding his leg) Noo, dont go.. Come with us.. It will be fun..
  • Jinbe: You should be patient.. I have to meet someone today, and then I will be free.. Im a captain of my own crew you know..
  • Nami: Eh?
  • Jinbe: I have to ask that stupid Aladdin if he can take care of things while im away with you guys..
  • Usopp: (pulling Chopper away) Dammit..

Page 3:

  • Jinbe: Alright.. I should be going.. Let Luffy know that I'll be definitely back..
  • Nami: Ok Jinbe, will do...
  • Chopper: (Crying) Come back...
  • Jinbe: The ministers will explain everything to you guys, about New World and how to go there.. Dont worry..
  • Keimi: Nami-san, are you gonna leave from here? Im gonna miss you guys..
  • Pappug: Yeees..

Page 4:

  • Nami: Yeah sorry, nothing holds as back here..
  • Usopp: (usopp's slap) Your heartless!!!!
  • Chopper: Alright, im packed and ready to go..
  • Nami: Wait a minute... Where's Brook and Franky?
  • Usopp: Your right, havent see them for a while..

Page 5: In prison where New Fishman Pirates are being held

  • Brook: Oi oi oi oi.. Let me go, i dont belong here!!
  • Guard#1: You'r gonna be quiet and stay there...
  • Brook: (looks at old Zeo) ... Hey, I defeated you remember?
  • Zeo: Who.. are you?
  • Brook: What? Guards!!! Let me outta here.. Call my friends, they will tell you im with them..
  • Guard#2: Shut up Skeleton.. Your clearly a member of the New Fishman Pirates... They look just like you

Page 6:

  • Brook: Ehhhhh?
  • Hody: Shaha-cough-haha.. A Straw Hat, imprisoned with us.. This is gonna be fun..
  • Brook: (Pokes him) You're so old..
  • Hody: Ouch.. My face.. Guards! He attacked me..
  • Guards: Quiet in there...
  • Brook: ..... Oh sweet Enel..
  • ???: I have to go.. I have to escape..

Page 7:

  • Brook: Who..?
  • Decken: I cant stay here.. I want to be free..
  • Brook: Maybe, we should think something to escape..
  • Decken: Yes!! What do you have in mind..?
  • Brook: (lets out his soul) Hmm.. I should just scare them..
  • Decken: Gyaaaaaahhh.. What the hell is that??

Page 8: Candy Factory

  • Pecoms: Your crazy Straw Hat... You upset Big Mom.. YOU MORON..
  • Luffy: I dont care you shitty bear..
  • Pecoms: Im a lion you idiot!!
  • Luffy: This will be my turf.. Like that old geezer did in the past..
  • Tamago: Old... You mean Whitebeard-si'l vou plais? Oh my, you met him?.. Dont say that name in front of Big Mom.. Cause she will be really pissed..
  • Luffy: I want to meet her so bad.. Cant wait..

Page 9:

  • Pecoms: We are a powerful crew, you know.. Dont be a fool..
  • Sanji: Oi, Luffy.. We should head back to the palace..
  • Zoro: Shitty-eyebrows is right.. They are waitin for us..
  • Sanji: Who you just called Shitty-eyebrows, you Green Goblin..
  • Zoro/Sanji: Im gonna kill you right now
  • Luffy: Alright, let's go..

Page 10: Straw Hats left

  • Tamago: They think New World is an easy place... Haha.. How sad..
  • Pecoms: Let them see that for themselves.. Mom is comin here.. We should prepare for her rage..
  • Tamago: Another Island will be destroyed.. I wish she would stop doing it..
  • Pecoms: Its Sandra's(3eyed girl) fault... She is her only daughter and cant stop her for doing it...
  • Crowd: What the hell are you talkin about? Big Mom is comin here?
  • Crowd: Impossible.. Not after all this..

Page 11: At the plaza..

  • Den: So, Luffy is gonna destroy the island after all?
  • Shirley: Yes.. I can clearly see it... But he will do it.... Protecting it..
  • Den: By who?
  • Shirley: I dont know yet.. But I know it will be someone strong enough to challenge Luffy-san..
  • Den: I fixed their ship back at the forest.. I should tell them.

Page 12: Ryugu Palace

  • Luffy: Oiiiii you guys..
  • Nami: It was about time.. And you brought the treasure.. Aww
  • Sanji: Nami-swaaan, I did it for you.
  • Zoro: Luffy did that with one punch only..
  • Sanji: Shitty Marimo..
  • Zoro: Where's Jinbe?
  • Usopp: He left... Luffy, he told us to wait for him here.. Dont leave..
  • Luffy: I see.. Oh and I challenged Big Mom..

Page 13:

  • Nami/Usopp/Chopper: EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Usopp: Your so careless!!!
  • Luffy: Shishishi.. Cant help it..
  • Nami: A Yonko? Really? Your an idiot!
  • Zoro: Relax.. Dont be scared.. Weak moments are over.. I dont want to see you be afraid ever again!!
  • Chopper/Usopp: Scaaary~~

Page 14: On a weird New World island..

  • ???#1: Please, dont do that ever again... It disgust me..
  • ???#2: I dont know what you're talkin about.. I consider him, my 'friend'. And saving him, was my honour.. You and I are enemies after all... Dont make me attack you here.. Im not in the mood..
  • ???#1: Hahaha.. Attack me?? Are you serious... Your lucky your alive... Dont think that we have a special relationship.. Just because our fathers are members of the Gorosei, that doesnt mean we should be like that..
  • ???#2: If I kill you right now... My father will be pissed.. Same goes to your dad..
  • ???#1: Just shut up... And leave already... I dont want to meet again here..

Page 15:

  • Law(#2): Haha.. Ok.. Be carefull.. Cause my crew is gonna reach the top.. (Heart Pirates on the backgroun, they are around 15)
  • Kid(#1): Hahahahha.. Till we meet again, doctor.. (Kid Pirates on the background, around 8)

The end..... Did that cause im bored.. If you read that... IF... Just comment.. I wanna see if it was good...

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