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Ok people. Noah is about to commit suicide by falling on the Fishman Island...


  • Fukaboshi, Manboshi, Ryuboshi, Luffy and Shirahoshi (1st team)
  • Hody is crazy and cocky (2nd team)
  • Decken is an idiot (3rd team)

Now down to the Island there are some poor guys waiting to lose their head..

  • Zoro vs Hyouzou
  • Usopp vs Daruma
  • Brook vs Zeo
  • Choppa vs Dosun
  • Sanji (and Jinbe) vs Wadatsumi
  • Franky vs Ikaros

Nami and Robin are just sittin there..!!! Waitin for somethin to come.. No enemies whatsoever... Or are they??

Drum roll please.... -drum roll- (ta da da daaa) CARIBOUUUU..!!!! Yes.. Caribou will show up and steal the show!!!

Dont you think? Its perfect... He will like try to steal Nami and Robin and they would say: We are not for sale <3 !! (BOOYAH)..!!

Oh and another thing.. Noah isnt THAT big... I think: Robin (with her giant hands), Luffy (in Gear Second) and Wadatsumi, can stop the ship... But shitty Shirley said its gonna be......... destroyed I tell ya..!!!! SHIIIIIIIIT

Ok to break it down to ya:

  • Did you like the match-ups??
  • Who is gonna fight with Nami and Robin?
  • Who do you think is gonna stop the ship?