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Bored as hell.. I have 1 hour free time. So I thought I should do my first fight prediction. If it sucks feel free to say so..

I also give you songs to listen when the scene is there.. It'll make it better.. Trust me.......

-In a mysterious island in the New World. SONG

Pirate1: Dammit captain. What the hell are you doing... Get down from that tree.. We have to go!!!

Apoo: ~ ~ ~Relax, relax~ ~ ~. We are alone here. There's no one here, we killed them all.. Yeah~~

Pirate1: Pftt.. Fine, but we dont have much strenght to keep up. We have to rest at least.

.(coming down from that tree)

Template says: 'Scratchmen Apoo - 390.000.000' 'He wears a yellow outfit instead of the previous pink one'.

Apoo: I'm stronger ~~as ever~~. Don't be scared. (coughs blood)


Pirate2: Captaaaaaaaaaaain, a ship is here.. A huge ship just came..

Apoo: fufufu. Let's meet them.

(they reach the shore)

(a man jumps down from his ship)


???: Well, well, well.. If it isn't that annoying bastard from Sabaody.. We had that fight postponed, remember..

Apoo: Then let's continue it here, ~~ a-s-s-h-o-l-e ~~

Kid: Hahaha

Template says: 'Eustass Kid - 480.000.000 beli'

(the rest of kid's crew is still on the ship watchin them, while apoo's crew far behind..)

Apoo: Come at me ~bro~.

Kid: *fills his hand with scrap metal (note: not his usual giant hand, just a normal hand with metal)*

-jumps and charges to Apoo-

-as he lands, he punches the ground cause apoo jumped behind-

Apoo: fufu, clever move.

Kid: Don't be sarcastic at me, shitty ape.

-as standing he gets his flintlock out and shoots him in the leg but apoo avoids it-

Apoo: Wtf are you doing....!!!

Kid: -he forms a giant hand with scrap metal.-

Apoo: -gets on his knees-

-Kid is ready to slam him with his hand-

-Apoo's knees became drums, and he is playing them.-

~~Oh, yes, feel that sooloo~~

-before kid finishes his attack, apoo sends a massive sonicboom from the sound of the drums that slash his giant hand in half-

Apoo: OhHhHHhHhHHh yeeeeeeeees

Kid: Bastard, what is this shit..

Apoo: Let's finish this ~do-do-do~. -starts dancing and playing guitar from his belly.

Kid: Heat, fetch me one of my G-canonballs.

Apoo: na, na, na, na, na -as he plays faster and faster- Let's jamm thiis

Heat: aye.. -throws him the canonball-

Kid: -throws the canon ball with his one hand really far away, behind apoo.-

Apoo: You missed ~~ oi oi oi~~ jaaaam.. And now for the finalee-------

-the canonball that kid threw, came back to Apoo's head and exploded-

Kid: (smiling)

Apoo: (standing up after 2 minutes with his face covered in blood..) ~~Hell................. yea~~

Kid: (laughing) I like your face...

Apoo: fufufufufufu.. Do you think that i'll go down alone..~~ A tit for a tat you know~~

Kid: Eh..? -Kid realises that he is covered in strings all over his body- What the hell is that..

Apoo: Invinsible strings, did that when I played my guitar.. You were too arrogant to understand it.. Now for the final show~ ~ ~ ~

Kid: (surprised that he cant get out of this mess)


-all the strings are set on fire and then explode-

Apoo: WoooOoOoOOoOoOO.. (Clapping)

-after several minutes Kid stands up-

Kid: Wow.. this is a slow fight.. -suddenly he listens to music-

Apoo: -playing this song - ~~Party, party, party~~ dance dance.

Kid: Shit... -his feet start to move on its own- What the hell.. hypnotism?! really?!

Apoo: Now, ~dance dance dance~ ohhh yeaa

Kid: -as dancing- Fuck this shit- (makes a move to his crew to get down from the ship)

-the ship starts to move, then raises up-

Kid: 'while dancing' (Sweating) ughhh, come on...

-the ship finally is up to the air-

-Apoo doesnt care and continue his song-

-Apoo's crew is terrified and run away to not get his by the ship-

Kid: UGHHHHHHHHHH, (he gets the ship over his head while he still plays) DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Apoo: (continues his song)

Kid: (his feet suddenly stop) (he fell to the ground, and he cant move) What the hell.. I cant move...

-the giant ship gets down and slams Apoo-

-Music stops-


Kid: (on the ground and he cant move..) What the hell is happening..

Apoo: (getting out of the remains of the ship covered in blood) Ughh.. I had to face the ship.. But now, you cant attack ..!! fufufufufu~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kid: Bastard... (Struggles to move)

Apoo: Not until I attack you.. Then you;ll be able to walk again.. Hypnotism my friend.. ~ ~ ~oioioioiii~ ~ ~ Lets end it.. (starts playing violin really fast)

Kid: (gathers a scrap metal in his chest and the head and makes an armor) COME AT MEEE.

-actual chords come out of the violin and go straight to kid-

-first one hits him in the soldier, it doenst do much, just scratch the armor a little bit-

-second one goes straight to his chest and makes a whole in the armor-

-Kid coughs blood-

-third one is really big and goes really fast at Kid,

Wire: (with kid's crew watchin the fight) With this condition, captain's not gonna take it.. I have to stop it..

Killer: No.. If you dont trust the captain, then what are you doing here with us..

-the chord is as big as Kid's body.-

-it finally gets through Kid's body and cut him really bad and deep-

Kid: (cough a big amount of blood and falls down)

Apoo: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-CHECKKKK IT OUUUUUUT~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heat: CAPTAIN!!!!!

Killer: (Sweating)

Apoo: Pftttt.. What a weakling he was.. Let's get out of here crew. (turns his back to Kid and heads for his crew)

-suddenly Apoo stops-


Kid: (holding Apoo's leg with his arm being long with metal) (coughs blood) Do you think, that i'll lose to a clown like you??

Apoo: (sweating, shocked) You are not for real....

Kid: (leaves Apoo's leg, and gets up) I'M GONNA BE THE PIRATE KING YOU MORON

-he fills his 2 hands with tons of metal.. the pile is even bigger than the usual, also with bombs inside the pile-

Apoo: (Shocked)

Kid: Raaaaaaaaahhh -his hands on the way to slam Apoo-

Apoo: (jumps and charges) Let's finish this crapp~ ~ ~

-his one hand turns into a small harp and with the other hand he gets to a position to play it-

Kid and Apoo: AHHHHHHHHH (charging at eachother)

-Kid's right hand misses Apoo, as he dodges it-

-Apoo cuts that arm down with a harp sockwave-

-Kid's left hand manage to hit him hard and sends him flying threw the ground-

Apoo: (in the ground defeated, full of blood)

Kid: Hahaha.. To think that i'll ever lose to you.. Moron...

Kid's crew: Yeaaaaaaaahh!!

Apoo's crew: Captain!!!

Kid: (his crew gathered around him) We should rest in this island, till my wounds are closed again...

-a ship comes by-


-Kid's crew look surprised-

-in the front of the ship a man appears-

???: Just what you think you're doing..................... In Kaido's island!!!!

Template says 'X.Drake - 510.000.000 beli'

Kid: (surprised) No way....

X. Drake: Kid.. You've changed (smiling)

Kid: You bastard.. Too bad im tired.. I won't be a worthy opponent.

X. Drake: I see..

Kid: Killer!!! He is yours..

Killer: (grinding his scythes and smiling) Roger that, boss...

X. Drake: (laughing and then jumps of the ship and charges at Killer)

-Killer jumps in mid-air too and he is ready to attack-

X. Drake and Killer: (both charging at eachother) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The end... Hope you liked it :)

Feel free to comment, this is my first fight prediction.. Hope you read it all... :(