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Hey people.. So much too say.. New Chapter was cool enough to open many conversations. Im not gonna say much myself. Im gonna let you say your opinion..

So what do you think about the following:

  • Akainu is the new Fleet Admiral and he beat Aokiji too... And Aokiji resigned.. God dammit.. My favorite marine gets beaten by my most hated character in the series.. That my friends.. SUCKS!!
  • Blackbeard is the new Yonko.. We all knew that was going to happen.. Im ok with it.. He deserves it anyways.. And apparently he steals Devil Fruits and gives them to his crew.. Maaaan. that is kind of him.. His crew will be fuckin EPIC now.. All of them.. Arghh..
  • Coribou survived.. Yeah.. Coribou survived... He was 1,000 meters below the surface and he survived.. Nice one, Oda..
  • New Fishman Pirates got old.. That side effect sucks if you ask me.. But do you think its permanent.? If its permanent, it sucks yeah.. Cause even if you eat like 5 of them, l(ike I think most of them did (eat like 3-5 pills)) your gonna turn into an OLD GEEZER!!
  • Another thing is. What do you think Aokiji will be now that he resigned from the Marines?
    • Pirate?
    • Revolutionary?
    • Bounty Hunter?
    • or a simple Civilian?

Peace out LPKWhat?17:14,12/14/2011