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Results of the Great Editor Event

Jinbe is gonna join... YAY!!!

Ok... The results are here... TA DAAAAA

  • Best Blogger
  1. MDM: with 4,630 blog comments.
  2. LPK: with 3,079 blog comments.
  3. Rici: with 2,089 blog comments.
  4. DP: with 1,516 blog comments.
  5. PX15: with 1,325 blog comments.
  • Best Articles Editor
  1. DP: with 8,691 article edits.
  2. LPK: with 4,540 article edits.
  3. Panda: with 1,479 article edits.
  4. Rici: with 994 article edits.
  5. Levi: with 965 article edits.
  • Most Talkative Person
  1. DP: with 932 user-talk edits.
  2. Levi: with 572 user-talk edits.
  3. Rici: with 445 user-talk edits.
  4. LPK: with 324 user-talk edits.
  5. Panda: with 206 user-talk edits.
  • Best 'Files and Templates' Maniac
  1. Levi: with 4,368 edits.
  2. LPK: with 168 edits.
  3. DP: with 126 edits.
  4. Nada: with 125 edits.
  5. Rici: with 62 edits.

Ok its all over.. Thanks to everyone that participated.. That shows that we are indeed a good community.. Thanks..

Special thanks go to MDM's article edits. (67) !!! Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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