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All the blogs are talkin about the same thing.. About Big Mom.. Just make one damn blog and comment there folks... And if they dont make a Big Mom blog.. They make predictions.. So... Hmmm.. Have to make something different..

2012 is coming..

One Piece focused on Fishman Island in 2011.. It was a great arc.. I liked it.. Lots of new characters..Epic scenery.. Beautifull mermaids.. Awesome new powers.. Great history lessons.. Not so powerfull villains..

They were powerfull but the Straw Hats made them look terrible.. With 2011 going away, my question is, did you like One Piece this year? What did you find awfull and just annoying? And what did you like...

And I always add a poll, so..

Who do you like the most?

The poll was created at 01:59 on December 30, 2011, and so far 31 people voted.

Peace out... LPKWhat?02:00,12/30/2011