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Ok so this is my Second prediction and i hope its better from the 612 prediction It's called --Preparations--

Page 1:Inside a bar in the middle of Fishman Island

Bartender:Oi what are you?

Franky:A cyborg you idiot..Listen up,do you know Marlo?His from this Island..I need to talk to him..

Bartender:Marlo eh?Nope..I dont know him..

Page 2:A man is in the dark side of this bar..

???:Tom eh?Dasdasdasdasdasdas..I know Tom..

Franky:Who the hell are you?

Marlo:I'm Marlo and Tom was my cousin..(drinking)---Marlo is a Koi Fish with black long hair and a wide smile..He is wearing an open-up hawaiian torso and jean shorts..He has a tattoo of an open rose in his right chest..--

<<Flashback when Tom and Marlo were kids>>

Marlo:Hey Tom,what are you building again?

Page 3:Tom is playing in a small lake

Tom:Marlo!Hey,i am building a new ship that will take me to the New World!!

Marlo:That's a small boat idiot!(hitts him on his head)

Tom:I know but...someday i will built a huge boat and i will become a great shipwright..I promise..And one day i will built a ship that will take me to the Blue Seas

Page 4:<<Flashback goes away>>back in the bar

Franky:Wooooooahhh Toooom-san

Marlo:We used to fool around every day..But one day..

Franky:What happened??



Tom's Mom:Toooooom where are you baby?

Marlo:What's going on?

Tom's mom:Tom..Tom is missing.
. <<Flashback goes away>>

Franky:What happened?

Page 5:

Marlo:Tom was gone...

<<Flashback,outside Marlo's house>>

Tom:Hey Marlo.

Marlo:Tom?What are you doing?Everyone is searching for you!!

Tom:Really?Wow,tell them that i'm sorry but i gotta go..

Marlo:Hey,what are you talking about..Where??

Tom:To the Grand Line of course!!

<<Flashback goes away>>

Marlo:Tom found a ship to sneak in and go to the Grand Line..

Page 6:

Marlo:This was the last time i saw him..

Franky:(crying) Tooooooooom you idiot!!

Marlo:Where is he anyway?

Franky:(with tears in his eyes)He is dead..I tried to stop him but..




Page 7:At Ryugu Palace-Hard-Shell Tower

Luffy:Yeah,come out..It's nice outside you know..

Shirahoshi:Noooo..I'm too scared(crying)

Luffy:Don't be such a cry baby..Your safe..I will protect you..

Shirahoshi:(whiping her tears off)Okay..I trust you..(got out of the door)


Shirahoshi:Yeah..It's beautifull..

(Suddenly a huge sword come towards Shirahoshi and Luffy bounched it again)

Page 8:

Shirahoshi:Aaaaaaahhh see??

Luffy:(Breathing loudly)Crap...Again?

Shirahoshi:Oh what is this? A letter?


Shirahoshi:There is a letter on the sword..!

Luffy:Well..Read it..

Shirahoshi:(Reading the letter out loud)<<Dear Princess,Over those 10 whole years,I decided today to come personally and make you my wife!!!Prepare my love..!!Oh and Hordy Jones will help me too..You know Jones,right?>>

Page 9:


Shirahoshi:(starts sweating)Oh no this is bad..I gotta tell dad about this..(Starts running)

Luffy:Hey,where are you going?Wait for meeee!!

Shirahoshi:Hurry up Straw Hat Luffy..We have to warn everybody about this..Your not an enemy right now..

Page 10:Ryugu Palace

Usopp:Zoro!!It's King Neptune..Take it easy!

Zoro:Hehe.I was waiting 1 year for a big battle...That bastard Onigumo was a piece of cake..

Neptune:Shut up little brat...We have to take you guys down..

Usopp:Still i dont understand..Why?

Nami:(punching down a soldier)Usopp!!Leave Zoro..Focus on the soldiers.There are too many.
Usopp:Oh okay.. Page 11:

Neptune:You are too young to defeat me..

Zoro:..Okay Neptune prepare to face my improved attack..

Neptune:Bring it.. Zoro:Ittoryu..Shishi.



Luffy:Stop it Zoro..There is no time for fighting

'Page 12: (Luffy and Princess Shirahoshi standing on a cliff)

Minister of the Left:(Pointing at Luffy)hat's..That's the criminal..Capture him!!!

Luffy:Shut up!(Haoshoku Haki)

Minister of the Left:(Sweating)..........

Luffy:The Princess has something to say..

Shirahoshi:Oh..yeah..Dad..Everybody..I got a letter from Van Der Decken and he says that he wiil be here with Hordy Jones today..We have to prepare. Neptune:Daughter..You are finally out of that horrible room..

Minister of the Left:Princess..What are you talking about..

Page 13:

Shirahoshi:We have to cooperate with those pirates..We don't stand a chance against them..


Usopp:Luffy..We have to find Sanji and Chopper..

Brook:And Robin-chan and Franky-san too..

Neptune:Dont worry my sons will pick them up..

Minister of the Left:(Talking alone with Neptune)I dont believe he have to cooperate with those criminals..

Neptune:We dont have any other choice..They are very strong..We are very lucky to have them on our side..

Page 14:In Noah

Jones:Guys,are you ready to go?

His Crew:Yes captain..

Van Der Decken:Wow,you have a very loyal crew Jones..What's your plant?What do you want Hordy?

Jones:To be the King of this shitty Island of course..After i take down Neptune everyone will be terryfied by me..Ehh where is Hyozou?I need this guy..

Zeo:He will be here soon sir.

Jones:Great..Prepare for a big fight my friends..No Weaklings allowed..


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