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Hey guys.. After my 'Dissapointed' blog its time to move on.. So I'll bring 2 theories on the table.


We all know that Mr. 3(Galdino) disguised himself as a guard in Marineford and he was ready to excecute Ace.. So before Luffy knocks him out with Haki he was ready to kill Ace.. We can all see that he was in the middle of stabbing him, just like the other guard.. So what was Galdino's intentions anyways, did he want to kill Ace afterall, or just... What do you think??


Same thing.. Ace was going to be excecuted 2 times.. First the guards were stopped by Crocodile's attack and the other time by Luffy's Haki.... Now, Ace didnt know that the guards would be stopped like that, yeah... NOW... He didnt smile like Luffy did in Loguetown and Roger (HIS DAD) too, indicating the Will of D.. He just accepted it without saying anything or even smiling.... What do you think about that too....??

 LPK  what? -17:09,10/26/2011-