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Yea, it's been a long time since I made a blog, so I decided to go ahead and do it after I saw the recent blog about Kuma can't make bubbles, which I thought it said 'Kuma can't make babies'..Yeah, babies..

Anyway, this theory was in my mind from the moment I watched Blackbeard having two Devil Fruits.. And I wondered if Luffy with the help of Gomu Gomu could do that, you know, store one or more Devil Fruits inside him.

To be more powerfull maybe Oda could actually have to go down that road and make him surpass characters like Teach. Cause I think Luffy CAN'T take down Blackbeard as it is right now. Well it's only rumors but when I imagine Teach stealing all these Devil Fruits, he can't be weak, I bet he has like three Devil Fruits himself..

Luffy can't top that with one Devil Fruit and Haki.. He wants to be the Pirate King.. Do you think he can actually defeat characters like Akainu, Kizaru or Blackbeard with that. He has to get more power somehow. He even struggles with Caesar and he is the first villain in the New World, of course he is gonna kick his ass eventually but as I see it, Luffy to be the greatest pirate, he can't let anyone hold him back like that. You can say it's still early for that but hell he has to do it sometime.

So just tell me if you think Luffy's gonna get another Devil Fruit. Does he need one for the future opponents? Can he eat another one?