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Ok Fishman Island is coming to an end and the Straw Hats won easily, again.. Luffy fainted.... That was a bad move cause, ok I know that Oda had to use something against Luffy but ... It was only a bite.. Ok.. Now that they are ready to celebrate, there are few things that are into my head...

  • First: Shirley said Luffy is going to destroy the island........ Ehm..... When?? And basically how the hell is going to do it... Noah is saved..... *Scratches head* Yeah... It worries me... Probably has something to do with Caribou?? Maybe... I dunno... What do you think about it?
  • Caribou....Caribou....Caribou... That filthy little piece of shit.. Where the hell is he?? Last time we saw him he was drooling over capturing Shirahoshi.. Is he going to do this...?? Like, out of nowhere, tries to capture Shirahoshi.... I dunno.. I dunno... What do you mean you dont know too??

So.. thats it.. Tell me what you think....


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