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Dear Wiki Users,

As you can see this wiki is full with 'stupid' blogs that ruin the whole blog system. People make blogs randomly without even thinking (Just like me now). We can bring the good conversations or even the good arguements in the blogs that made us talk and talk and talk.

Basically when the chat came in, we lost the magic of blogs. People started to pay attention on the chat or even on the pervert blogs (Im the founder of the new pervert club but doesnt matter :P) . But hell, users tend to like blogs like that.. They freakin comment on them..

We can do it.. We can make blogs like: 'What character do you hate the most' or DP's smart blogs.. Think of a good idea and DO IT. Dont think like: 'Oh Buggy is weak, lets make a blog'.. Title: 'How strong is Buggy'... Thats it.. No more power level blogs, that every user here has a different opinion and throw it out there just to annoy people.

We just need to make blogs to bring the users to comment seriously and not like 'Melloriiine' and '*Nosebleed'.. I see blogs that have 100+ comments but only 4 people comment..

Hell I miss the old blog days.. Back in January.. Is it just me??

I just wanna know if im the only one who sees that the blogs on this wiki are hitting rock bottom.


 LPK  what? -01:17,9/9/2011-