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               Chapter 615

Title:An old friend

Cover:Koshiro is reading a newspaper smiling as 5 students play around him with wooden swords

page1:(at the fishman island)

Sanji:oi chopper,slow down..lets go find the others..and i wanna meet mermaid princess too
Chopper:where are they?i dont know..
(a man runs like crazy,sanji stops him with a kick..)
Sanji:whats wrong.. man:ohh..what..they are attacking the ryuggu palace!!
Sanji:I think you know..okay chopper lets get going.


Luffy:Go go Megalooo.!!!
Brook:Luffy-san what are you doing
Shirahoshi:Luffy-samaaa stop.!!
Minister of the right:what are you doing with princess you jerk?Princess,are you allright?
(Shirahoshi gets out of megalo)
Shirahoshi:Yeah,i'm finally out..i cant believe it..After 10 years..

page3:(back at ruygu palace)

Zoro: oi Usopp,Nami..lets get going..
Usopp:what we are going to do with them?
Neptune:just go..hurry up
Nami:Usopp lets go
(they are gone)
Neptune:Oh boy,i hope my daughter is okay..god damn you decken..

page4:(the soldiers are all up)

Soldier 1:oh shit,that hurts..

Soldier 2:oi,all of you,take the pills now.. (they are all took the energy pills and bulk up)

Soldier 3:aaaarghhhh i feel like a monster..!lets crush them..

Soldier 4:what if we defeat them by ourselfs..?hahaha prepare weaklings..


Luffy:Brook?where are the others?
(Zoro,Nami and Usopp arrived)
Zoro:Oi luffy...
Nami:God..i just wanna relax..
Usopp:We are here Luffy

(a soldier comes towards nami)

Soldier 5:ahhh pretty lady,i am sorry for that..(try to punch her)
Usopp:Shit..MIdori Boshi..Devil Cacto
(he is shooting balls of cactuses and defeat the soldier)
Luffy:Usopp..!oi,why are you not wearing your bubbles?
Luffy:Hmm??(brake his bubble..)ahhhhh thats better..!

page6: (another soldier is going for luffy)

Soldier 6:hey,we are attacking you damn it,pay attention..!
Soldier 6:(with his sword)Die!! Luffy:(grabs his sword and breaks it)
Soldier 6:hmm?

Luffy:(Haoshoku haki)what are you doing?

Soldier 6:(he is going back sweating and he is with the others)

Zoro:'Soru'..Nitoryu..(went in the middle of the soldiers)
Slashing Collar
(and slash them all,and all fall down)

page7: (inside a bar in fishman island)

???:Hey,bartender get me a drink,..Today i'm finally going to meet my great friend...Aftert 2 whole years!! (another man walks in the bar.He is a fishman)
Sigi:Basabasabasabasa..Filthy people..Get out now.!!this is my territory now.. (they all run away scared)

Sigi:basabasa..Didnt you hear me..? (but the man stays there,sitting)

???:i did but..i didnt finish my drink you jerk..

Sigi:stupid human:(he tries to punch him but he jumped back)


Bon-Clay:what are you doing,stupid.!(Bon-clay is now visible..)

Sigi:prepare to die..Any last words??

Bon-clay:haha i'v heard that again.!! (sigi goes for a punch but Bon-Clay jumps back)

Bon-clay:Kicking diamond..(he kicks him repeatedly over his neck)nobody can stop me..i'm going to my friend..

Sigi:wait(sweating and covered in blood)i'm not defeated yet..

Bon-clay:I know...Prepare,Ballet scissor..(cut him in the chest with his left foot(his kick was so quick that cut him)) i have to go (Sigi is defeated and bleed so much)

page10:(back at the tower,all the soldiers are defeated)

Luffy:Hey guys

Nami:Luffy,we need to find the others..

Usopp:Yeah but how..?

Minister of the Right:Fukaboshi will try to bring them here..

Usopp:Oi Zoro,did Neptune say that you have 160 million beli?

Luffy:It went up?Awesome


Zoro:Yeah...1 year ago my 'trainer' gave me a secret mission

Usopp:Who was you trainer??

Zoro:Mihawk (Nami and Usopp are really amazed)



Nami:A shichibukai was your trainer?

Zoro:Yeah an ex-shichibukai..


Zoro:He retired..I'm his successor now..But still he is my future enemy..

Nami:He retired??Really?Wow i wonder who will be a shichibukai..

(Sanji and chopper came with Fukaboshi) Usopp:Sanji,Chopper!!!

Sanji:Nami-swaaaan i came for youuu..!!!

Shirahoshi:Who are they Luffy?

(Sanji notices the Princess)


Sanji:Is that...Is that the MERMAID PRINCESS????ooooooooohhhhh...

Chopper:No Sanji,dont look at her..

(Sanji mistood it and turn his head to Luffy) Sanji:Oi Luffy where is Franky and Robin? Chopper,Usopp,Nami:HE IS HEALED??

Luffy:I dunno..


Fukaboshi:Straw Hats...I dont care if you are criminals or not...I need your help...We are in danger..


Usopp:Dont worry we will help you...

Soldier:(sweating and breathing loudly)Prince Fukaboshi they are coming i saw them...

Fukaboshi:Are you sure? Soldier:Yeah..But i need to tell you something else...Van der decken....Vand der decken is with Hodi Jones!!


page15:(on their ship,Jones and Decken with Jone's crew)

Van der decken:Yeahhh guys..Thats the palace over there..I see it...

Hodi Jones:Prepare everyone,today we will write the future..


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